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Meeting Every Dietary Preference at Gelare

Gelare is renowned for its breakfasts that cater to a wide range of dietary preferences. Whether you’re a vegan, health-conscious, or simply seeking a scrumptious morning meal, Gelare has got you covered. With our innovative and diverse menu, we offer a delightful array of vegan waffle delights, vegan smoothies, and pancake perfection for vegans. To top it off, they also serve an indulgent vegan ice cream. Let’s dive into the mouthwatering breakfast options Gelare has to offer.

Vegan Smoothies

Gelare’s vegan smoothies are the epitome of refreshment. With a variety of flavours to choose from, these smoothies are packed with nutrients and bursting with sweet-tart flavours.

The Blueberry Smoothie is a delightful blend of luscious blueberries, offering a sweet and tangy taste that invigorates your senses. Each sip transports you to a berry-filled paradise, making it the perfect way to kickstart your day. The vibrant purple colour and the antioxidant-rich nature of blueberries make this smoothie not only delicious but also a nutritional powerhouse.

For those seeking a taste of the tropics, our Mango Mango Smoothie is an excellent choice. This tropical delight captures the essence of ripe mangoes, delivering a smooth and velvety texture that will transport you to an exotic paradise with every sip. The creamy consistency and tropical aroma of this smoothie evoke images of sandy beaches and swaying palm trees.

Indulge in the delightful creaminess of Gelare’s Banana Smoothie. Made with ripe bananas blended to perfection, this smoothie offers a rich and velvety texture that will satisfy your cravings. Packed with nutrients and natural sweetness, the Gelare Banana Smoothie is not only a delicious treat but also a nutritious choice to start your day or enjoy as a refreshing snack.

Vegan and Dairy Free Ice Cream – Creaminess Without Dairy

Gelare is a paradise for dairy free ice cream lovers. Indulge in creamy delights without compromising your dietary preferences.

The Double Chocolate Drive Ice Cream is a dream come true for chocolate enthusiasts. With its rich and velvety chocolate base, every spoonful is a symphony of chocolatey goodness that will leave you utterly satisfied. The smooth texture and intense chocolate flavour make this vegan ice cream a true delight for the taste buds.

For those who enjoy a touch of salty-sweet flavours, our Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream is a perfect choice. This delectable treat combines the creaminess of caramel with a hint of sea salt, creating a divine dessert experience. The contrast between the sweetness of the caramel and the subtle saltiness elevates the flavour profile, resulting in a truly indulgent treat.

Experience the refreshing taste of our Young Coconut Ice Cream. Made from fresh young coconuts, this creamy and luscious treat will transport you to a tropical paradise with its delicate coconut flavour. The natural sweetness and creaminess of the coconut create a delightful and satisfying ice cream experience that will leave you feeling refreshed.

Gluten-Free Options at Gelare

We are proud to offer a range of gluten-free menu items to accommodate those with gluten sensitivities or those who simply choose to follow a gluten-free lifestyle.

When it comes to our ice cream, many flavours are gluten-free, with the exception of specific flavors like chocolate chip cookie dough, cookies and cream, honey malt crunch, caramel fudge brownie, salted butterscotch pretzel, and peanut butter brownie. Rest assured, you can still indulge in a variety of creamy, delicious ice cream flavors without worrying about gluten.

In addition to our ice cream, Gelare provides gluten-free options for our smoothies, thickshakes, milkshakes, sundaes, and hot drinks. We want to ensure that everyone can enjoy a refreshing and flavorful beverage without any concerns about gluten content.

It is important to note that while we take precautions to avoid cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee a 100% gluten-free environment due to the nature of our food preparation process. However, we strive to minimise the risk and provide a safe dining experience for our gluten-free customers.

Sugar-Free and Egg-Free Delights at Gelare

If you’re looking for vegetarian and egg-free choices, our smoothies, iced drinks, and hot drinks (excluding those containing ice cream) are all suitable for you. For those seeking egg-free and vegetarian frozen treats, our sorbets and vegan ice cream range are completely free of eggs and are suitable for vegetarian diets. You can indulge in a variety of delightful flavors without worrying about the inclusion of eggs. If you’re craving a milkshake or thickshake, you can still enjoy these delicious treats at Gelare while keeping it egg-free. Simply select our non-dairy ice cream as the base for your milkshake or thickshake, and you’ll be able to savor the creamy goodness without any eggs. While many of our products are baked fresh with real ingredients, it’s important to note that some of our items do contain eggs. This includes our dairy ice creams, waffles, pancakes, and sundaes. However, we offer a wide range of options that are suitable for those looking to avoid eggs in their diet.

Additionally, for those looking for sugar-free options, our bacon and eggs breakfast menu item, along with our hot teas and coffees, are completely free of added sugars. 

Delighting Tastebuds at Gelare’s 9 Locations

With nine locations to serve you, Gelare’s commitment to catering to all dietary requirements is unwavering. Each Gelare store provides a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can enjoy a delightful breakfast. So, whether you’re seeking vegan waffles, smoothies, pancakes, or ice cream, Gelare is the ultimate destination for satisfying your breakfast cravings.

Gelare’s breakfast menu offers an exceptional variety of delicious and healthy options for all. From our waffles to refreshing smoothies and indulgent pancakes, we ensure that every dietary preference is catered to with utmost care. Our vegan ice cream provides a guilt-free way to indulge in creamy delights. With our commitment to excellence and a focus on providing exceptional taste, Gelare stands out as a go-to destination for a delightful breakfast experience. Visit one of our nine locations and prepare to have your taste buds tantalised with our exquisite vegan breakfast. Start your day right with Gelare!

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