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Food Truck Perth

A wise man once said “Food just tastes better when it comes out of a truck”. We always tended to agree with the statement, so we decided to launch our very first Geláre Food Truck in Perth which is available for franchising opportunities today.

Ready to Serve

When we first started the process of designing and developing our food truck in Perth, we wanted something that stands out and speaks about what we do. When we stumbled across this beautiful 1960’s H-Van in the UK, we couldn’t resist. This started a two-year design and refurbishment process and now we’re happy to share the joy around.

The end result is that we can serve almost our full range of products anywhere you need us – all out of the back of our little H-Van.

Want to have a taste of what it’s like owning a Geláre franchise? Now’s your chance! Be your own boss and serve up sweet experiences in our gorgeous, mobile truck.

The Whole Package

The Geláre Truck offers a range of products, such as a combination of ice cream, freshly baked waffles, barista-made coffee, shakes and more! You will be bringing the true dessert experience, the Geláre way!

Expression of Interest

Join the Geláre family today and fill out the form so we can get to know you more!

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