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Nothing Sweeter Than the Geláre Ice Cream & Food Truck!

Planning an event can be incredibly fulfilling, but it does come with certain responsibilities. Namely, guests and visitors don’t want to go hungry! Whether you’re throwing a massive birthday party or an exclusive corporate event, incorporating a food truck into the mix is a guaranteed win – keeping everyone full and satisfied.

One of the most exciting (and practical) ways to ensure everyone is fed and watered is to book a food truck for an event. A fully stocked Geláre food truck arriving at the location of your choice means a wide range of options for everyone, and you don’t have to cook a thing!

Why book the Gelare Food Truck for an event?

Events tend to bring in an array of different people, from young children and grandparents to everyone in between. This also means having to cater to a broad range of tastes, and trying to feed many hungry people, alternative options quickly become very stressful!

Rather than rent an expensive catered venue, or try and cook for a hundred people yourself, hiring event food trucks solves all your problems. Geláre offers a selection of packages to suit your exact needs for any event of 80 people or more. Our varied menu makes us one of the most popular food trucks in Perth with people of all ages – just try our fresh waffles for yourself and see!

The value of event food trucks

If you are looking to book a food truck for an event, consider what would keep everyone full and happy. The answer is obvious… Dessert! Geláre are the dessert masters, and any event attendee will be over the moon to see delicious waffles and exquisite ice-cream, not to mention delicious shakes and fresh barista-made coffee.

Depending on the event’s size Geláre’s compact food truck is an easy addition to your event, with a huge range of products available to be served easily out of the back. Bringing a dessert extravaganza is a sure fire way to take your event to the next level, and keep everyone sweet in the process!

Popular food trucks in Perth

Geláre has established one of the most popular venues in Perth, thanks to our delicious ice-cream and rich barista made coffee. With our multiple venues catering to many valued customers every day, we figured why not spread the Geláre love even further with beautiful event food trucks.

Our beloved food van is a stunning refurbished 1960’s H-Van from the UK, whose sensational style causes stir at every event we go to – and that’s before they’ve tried our ice-cream! While the food truck is pretty cool, it’s our tasty fresh treats that are the real winner, offering unbelievable desserts to suit any palette. 

Long-standing favourite!

Operating as a long-standing favourite for Perth locals and tourists since 1987, you can rely on our dessert expertise to bring the flavour and the smiles. If you have not tried Geláre’s unbelievable ice cream, it’s time to head on down to Watertown in West Perth where our truck is operating until 2023!

To find the nearest Geláre store or for further information please contact us today!

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