Treating Your Family at Geláre

There’s nothing quite like taking the family out for the ice cream. That quality bonding time over dessert is irreplaceable! But with so many different personalities and tastes within any given family unit, it can be stressful finding somewhere with enough delicious options to keep everyone happy.

Whether your family prefers a big breakfast Perth or a sweet treat, Gelare has an incredible range of flavour and dishes to keep even the pickiest eater satisfied. From amazing banana pancakes to refreshing fruit smoothies, read on to discover the incredible menu available at Geláre.

Pancakes for breakfast anyone?!

In case you haven’t heard, Gelare have become renowned for having the best pancakes and waffles. With each dish created from scratch in-house, it’s no wonder so many families crave an extravagant breakfast of our banana pancakes or belgian waffles

For those families who love to spend a weekend morning digging into a hearty savoury breakfast Perth, Geláre offers a great selection of classic morning dishes. As well as incredible waffles, you can pair eggs and bacon with your morning latte or chai, and start the day off right.

Our Ice Cream

One of the great traditions of living in WA’s toasty climate is taking the family out for ice cream. As one of our state’s original suppliers of premium ice cream since 1987, it’s no surprise Gelare has become the go-to place for a refreshing cone. From Salted Butternut Pretzel and Swiss Chocolate Caramel, to Pistachio and Cookies and Cream, there’s a unique flavour for every preference.

Vegan options

These days, most families have at least one member who is vegetarian or vegan. With plenty of dairy-free options to choose from, no one will be left out of your sweet treat mission. Who can say no to vegan Sea Salt Caramel, Young Coconut, or a Strawberry Fields Sorbet!

Perth desserts galore

Taking the whole family out for a big it down dinner can seem impossible, especially trying to find a menu everyone is happy with! Popping out for a group dessert, however, is a fun excursion with zero stress involved. 

Choose an incredible belgian waffle with ice cream or fruit (each plate being all-natural and yeast free), or delve into luscious Strawberry Ferrero pancakes.

Show the kids a classic dessert with a yummy Banana Split, or treat them to a Nutella Berry Sundae or an impressive Super Basket. You’ll be in their good books for weeks!

Options for all the family at Geláre

It can be hard to wrangle the family together these days, between social activities and smartphones, but a visit to Gelare allows you all to relax and get back to simpler times. With sweet options like waffles, and lighter choices of fruit smoothies and milkshakes, there is a tasty treat waiting for all varieties of taste buds. 

Browse our extensive menu online now or find the nearest Gelare store to you and prepare for a delicious family outing today!

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