Introducing… Croffles

Gelare has been serving up some of the best waffles around town for decades. We’ve now combined two of your favourite things to bring you The Croffle.

We take a buttery delicious french croissant and bake it in our waffle iron to perfection. Just like our waffles, our Croffles have that great, crispy outside while also having the soft, flaky, fluffy inside of a quality croissant.

Our Original or Cinnamon Croffle makes a perfect grab-and-go companion to your morning takeaway coffee or you can try our Torched Ham & Cheese or Bacon & Egg Croffle for a more generous breakfast option. Our Croffles also come in a range of sweet toppings including classics Strawberry or Banana Nutella and our popular Lotus Biscoff which make a perfect treat for any time of day.

Our Croffles are only available for a limited time so visit your nearest Gelare store soon to taste for yourself what all the hype is about.

Original Croffle with coffee
Bacon and Egg Croffle
Bacon and Egg
Lotus Biscoff Croffle
Lotus Biscoff
Banana and Nutella Croffle
Banana and Nutella
Strawberry Nutella Croffle
Strawberry Nutella
Ham and Torched Cheese Croffle
Ham and Torched Cheese

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