Breakfast Meals

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Breakfast Meals,

Breakfast Meals,

Delicious, light breakfasts from Geláre, where flavour is everything

Start your day with a light breakfast meal at any of the Geláre cafes in Perth, Brisbane. As the most important meal of the day it is essential that you treat yourself to nothing less than the sweet and savoury delights that your body requires to get through the morning.

Our delicious breakfast options are created to incorporate carbs and protein to get you off to a great start. Enjoy our variety of wholesome combinations that include assorted breads toasted to a golden hue – crispy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside – with fried or scrambled eggs made to perfection, all of which complement your Geláre gourmet coffee.

Perhaps you prefer something sweet with your coffee. Select a delectable waffle sandwich filled with fresh cream and a healthy banana, or pancakes with syrup and bacon. You really cannot go wrong with our sweet and easy breakfast selection.

Choose between:

  • Toast (2 slices with butter & jam)
  • French toast ( 2 slices with waffle syrup)
  • Raisin toast (2 slices with butter & jam)
  • Banana Bread & Banana (slice of banana bread, fresh bananas, topped with butterscotch sauce)
  • Eggs & toast (2 eggs – fried or scrambled, 2 slices of toast)
  • Bacon & eggs (2 eggs – fried or scrambled, bacon, 2 slices of toast)
  • Pancakes & eggs (2 pancakes, syrup, fresh cream & 2 – eggs fried or scrambled)
  • Waffle & eggs (Half waffle, syrup, fresh cream & 2 – eggs fried or scrambled)
  • Banana Waffle Sandwich (Large waffle, syrup, fresh cream, fresh banana)

All items are freshly baked and prepared on the premises. Contact us if you wish to enquire about our many products, or visit us at any one of our stores where you can enjoy tasty breakfasts Australia prefers for a healthier lifestyle. Being the recommended choice for sweet and savoury breakfasts in Perth and Brisbane, we know our market and we look forward to feeding you.

Whether you’re rushing to the office, meeting friends, or enjoying a jog, pop into Gelaré where all breakfast foods are prepared using the finest ingredients.


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