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Coffee -gourmet coffee

Coffee -gourmet coffee

Geláre gourmet coffee

It’s no secret, we are a nation of gourmet coffee drinkers, and with Geláre’s selected blends of roasted Arabica beans, we have no choice but to offer you a decadent gourmet coffee experience that can be enjoyed at our stores in Perth and Brisbane.

Here at Geláre, our coffee artisans are creating a buzz. Whether you favour a light-, medium- or dark roasted blend, our ultimate range of coffees will satisfy the discerning taste of every coffee lover.

From cappuccinos to espressos, or latte’s short or tall, our fresh coffee selection is nothing short of gourmet, and dare we say, some of the best coffee in Australia.

Our café menu includes coffees as well as teas and a range of herbal beverages, which are all available on our menu.

The Geláre café menu includes:

  • Gourmet coffees – made from 100% Arabica beans
  • Espresso (short black) – 2 ounces of precisely extracted coffee
  • Cappuccino – espresso topped with steamed and textured milk
  • Caffe Latte – espresso blended with steamed milk
  • Macchiato – espresso with a dash of milk
  • Mocha – caffe latte with chocolate
  • Vienna coffee – espresso topped with fresh cream

Treat yourself to the best coffee in Perth and Brisbane, find your nearest store or contact us for franchising opportunities.


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Coffee -gourmet coffee

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