Assorted Teas

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Assorted Teas

Assorted Teas

Geláre’s flavoursome regular and herbal hot teas

Enjoy the sublime flavour of Geláre’s delicious hot teas. Available in regular or herbal options, our collection include teas made from the finest leaves, naturally treated and steeped to perfection. Made by our in-house coffee and tea experts, your selected cuppa will leave you feeling refreshed and impressed.

Our herbal teas have subtle infusions of citrus, berries, cinnamon, lavender and mint, amongst others. Brewed and steeped to perfection, each cup steams with aroma and is filled with the wholesome goodness that tea is known for.

Filled with flavonoids, tea has finally found its way into the spotlight for its many healthy antioxidants, and it’s also become a firm favourite for those who are not fans of large amounts of caffeine, or none at all.

The fantastic thing about tea is how it can be enjoyed through winter and summer. An excellent way to warm your stomach in the colder months, and yet a great way to cool you down during the hot summer months. The effects of this simple, yet amazing product is how it really is the perfectly healthy and refreshing drink, all rolled into one.

Select your preferred leafy regular or herbal brew from our many tea offerings and relax while the Geláre team carefully create the perfect high tea for you. Choose from:

  • Chai tea

Treat yourself to the best tea in Perth and Brisbane, find your nearest store or contact us for franchising opportunities.



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assorted teas

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