Picking Your Perfect Pancake Topping Right Here in Perth

There are plenty of prominent players on Perth’s pancake scene – but when it comes to reliable, freshly-baked, old-school stacks, Gelare is the only option to consider. With toppings ranging from classic syrup and fresh cream to a strawberry-Ferrero Rocher hybrid, Gelare is responsible for serving up Perth’s freshest and tastiest pancakes. 

If you’re eager to taste them for yourself, here’s a rundown of the six delicious flavours and toppings on offer. Now all that’s left to do is pick your serving size – a stack of two or three?

Keeping it Simple – Classic Pancakes

When it comes to pancakes, sometimes the best choice to make is to keep flavours simple. Our fresh-out-the-oven Classic Pancakes are topped with syrup and fresh cream, and are sure to please local pancake fans. 

Trying Something Fruity – Blueberry or Banana Pancakes

Our delicious fruit-topped pancakes, with either blueberries or sliced banana, are a crowd favourite for a reason. These fresh flavours on top of our Classic Pancakes are a tasty combination with the syrup and fresh cream this batch already comes with. 

Sweetening the Deal – Choc Chip Pancakes or Pancakes A La Mode

If you’d rather a stack packed with chocolate, the Choc Chip Pancakes are the perfect choice for you. Our pancake chefs throw a few special ingredients (delicious chocolate chips) into the mix with our Classic Pancake recipe, and voila, a chocolate lover’s dream in pancake form. 

For a treat that combines Gelare’s famous pancakes with our extensive range of more than 25 ice-cream flavours, order a stack of the Pancakes A La Mode. This serving of Classic Pancakes comes with any scoop of ice-cream flavour you choose. 

Choc-Fruit Combos – Nutella Banana Pancakes or Strawberry Ferrero Pancakes

It’s obvious that Nutella is a staple when it comes to sweet treats like pancakes, waffles, crepes or toast. It’s for this reason that our Nutella Banana Pancakes are a must-try on your next visit to Gelare for a stack or two. 

For something a little different, try our Strawberry Ferrero Pancakes. Combining the bright, sweet flavour of fresh strawberries with the rich, chocolate hazelnut taste of a Ferrero Rocher, these delicious pancakes are sure to impress fruit and chocolate lovers alike. 

Pancakes with a Twist – Churro Pancakes

If you’d prefer your pancakes served up with a Spanish twist, order a stack of Gelare’s scrumptious Churro Pancakes. Combining our Classic Pancake mix, cinnamon sugar and a generous dollop of chocolate sauce, this unique batch of pancakes is perfect for pancake-lovers wanting to try something a little different, or for fans of traditional churros dipped in thick, rich hot chocolate. 

Ready to treat yourself to some of Perth’s best pancakes?

Head down to one of our 10 locations across the Perth metropolitan area to taste the Gelare difference for yourself. Our range of freshly-made pancakes are made the old-fashioned way, and are topped with an array of the finest local ingredients. Learn more about our scrumptious pancakes.

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