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Geláre was formed in 1986 with the opening of its original store in Fremantle, Western Australia.

This outlet attracted both locals and tourists with its outstanding ice-cream range and word soon spread that Geláre icecream was like no other.

The Geláre business has expanded its range to include frozen yogurts, freshly baked waffles & pancakes. These products are supported with quality coffee, smoothies and a variety of cold beverages that makes Geláre the perfect place to treat yourself.

The Geláre Difference

Geláre is ice cream with real flavour and no artificial ingredients, which guarantees to deliver a smile on the face of every ice cream lover.

Our is produced with fresh milk and cream, the best available quality ingredients and the latest ice cream manufacturing technology. It is richer in flavour and texture, heavier in weight with no overrun (air content) and excellent shelf life.

Gelare Parlour

Geláre uses a secret formula that features a higher cream content than almost every other ice cream on the market. That extra cream helps to give Geláre its remarkably rich texture and flavour; the texture and flavour of real home-made ice cream.

Why is Geláre Ice Cream so special and how is it different from regular ice cream?

A: Geláre Ice Cream contains no air. While other ice creams contain as much as 50% air, Geláre is made with no air. Early on in the manufacture of commercial ice cream, people found that they could double their ice cream yield by fluffing the product with air. The ice cream looked the same to the unwary customer, but in fact could easily contain as much air as ice cream.

What is the meaning of the name Geláre and how does it differ from Gelato?

A: Geláre is an Italian word which means to freeze or congeal, the final step in the ice cream process. Gelati or gelato are the generic Italian words for “ice cream” but in reality are actually ice milk products with a low cream content. Any company can sell a version of “gelato”, or use the word as part of their name but there is only one GELARE – a federally trademarked name which can only be used with our products.

Geláre is unique because it is much creamier and thicker than Italian ice cream. It is also much heavier, creamier and more intensely flavoured than American ice cream. Geláre is an improved “hybrid” ice cream combining and also exceeding the best qualities from both countries.


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About Dessert cafe in Perth and Brisbane – iced coffee : Geláre was formed in 1986 with the opening of its original store in Fremantle,Western Australia

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Dessert cafe Perth